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Lorenza Scalisi PortraitI was born and raised in Milan, from mom born in Trentino Alto Adige and dad from Sicily. Therefore, as a child I started traveling to Italy literally from north to south, then also working as a travel journalist, with an eye to the artistic and natural beauty of our country. The first report? “Rome and the Jubilee”, the year 2000.
Since then, tens trips in Italy and abroad, to create reportages and projects for magazines and publishers such as Condé Nast Traveller (13 years on the staff), Vogue Italia, AD Architectural Digest, De Agostini, Touring Editore. I transmit and “export” my passion for Italy through reportages for important foreign publications, including National Geographic China and Robb Report China, as contributor.
Through texts and images, I try to find “cutting” in what I see, exploiting the long experience on the road and the many interviews with people and personalities from the world of entrepreneurship, art, architecture, design, culture, …
After a first vernissage of my photos at Fuori Salone 2013, entitled Africa in Black and White, at Carlton Baglioni in Milan, the idea to create a show that would put light in some places and less known aspects of Italy, “hidden” on the strength of “touristic brands” as thankfully many destinations are. Hence the first draft of Discover the other ITALY, a journey that began to dream and then become reality.
Find twenty photographers, one for each region, able to interpret at best. We tried, but it is true that these 200 destinations (excluding 10 Milan), could easily be replaced by as many “places of the heart” of each of us. This is the good fortune to be born in the country with the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites (fifty), with the most varied nature imaginable, and with local traditions so ingrained as a puzzle among most complex in the world. Let’s say a good start. And a good trip with Discover the other ITALY, a project that is the essence of what it means for me to communicate: to create a unique concept, with a distinct personality, able to reach the target.